Welcome to de Dutch YAMAHA XJ Owners Club

The Dutch YAMAHA XJ Owners Club was founded in oktober 1996. It is a dutch national club based on Yamaha motorcycles in the types of XJ750, XJ900, XJ900F en XJ900N prodcuced between 1982 and 1994.
At the start of 2011 the club counts about 100 members.
The goals of the club are to stimulate the sharing of findings, experiences, and technical data, nice writing and talking about the motorcycles with its riders and lovers.
In the club there are people who ahre the feelings about the XJ bike and understand each other. Since the bike is no longer produced the contact between its riders is a must and the only way to stap the bike from fading away.

Main targets of the club are:

Membership is 25 EURO's a year for owners and 10 EURO's a year for duo passengers.
If you would like to become a member or just ask us a question, please send an email using the button on the left.

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